Charcoal has been used for teeth cleaning for housed of years. N modern time, we are so blinded of the technology, and chemicals, that we have forgotten the nature.

It is time to turn back to what works, NATURE!

That’s why we have made a 100% natural product of coconut shells. The product is made just has our old ancestors have made it.

We have big focus on the environment. You will also get our 100% bamboo toothbrush, that is biodegradable. The toothbrush is also special made for the charcoal teeth whitening. It is soft, and protects the teeth from getting damage


This method to get whit teeth is a big trend, worldwide. We do see many celebrities use it.


Try it! It works well, and it is fun!



1. Make the brush wet

2. Dip in the coal

​​​​3. Brush smoothly for 2 min.

4. Let the coal work for 2 min.

5. Wash your mouth with water

6. Brush your teeth as normal

First Black - Then White


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100% Natural No Chemicals
Get white teeth Smile happy

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